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New to Contacts?

If you currently wear prescription eyeglasses—including readers—you are missing out on the superior benefits of contact lenses. For consistently comfortable and clear vision,
AIR OPTIX® brand contact lenses are a convenient alternative.

Once people overcome their preconceptions and try contact lenses that properly fit their lifestyle and correction need, most can get used to wearing them rather quickly. For many, contact lenses can open up a new world of freedom and sharp vision. When compared with eyeglasses side by side, the reasons to give contacts lenses a try are crystal clear:

Contact Lenses Eyeglasses
Great for active lifestyles + -
Good in many environments. Do not fog up + -
Do not move around on your face or get easily misplaced + -
Excellent peripheral vision for driving and other activities + -
Sit right on the eye for stable distance correction and clarity + -
Do not change your own natural look or weigh on your face + -
Let you wear a variety of sunglasses for style and protection + -

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